5 Surprise MINI Brands! Mystery Pack - 3 balls

Sale price$29.99


 With 5 segments, each containing a different surprise, 5 Surprise balls are cool and unique. There are over 500 possible surprises with new surprises added every 4-6 months, so collect them all to create a complete set. 

Collectible surprises
5 segments each contain a different surprise
500+ different surprises with new surprises every 4-6 months
Each ball contains 5 boy or girl themed surprises
Ages 3+

this listing is for 3 balls each with 5 surprises. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Didn't get what I ordered

I ordered 2- 3 count balls. Instead I was sent 2- single balls. I contacted them and they sent 4 additional single balls. Collectables packaged in multi-packs have a different selection than singles do. Series 1 is getting increasingly hard to find and I'd like to complete my collection without paying an arm and a leg. Not thrilled with this transaction.

Kristen Langford
what a great company

ok, this product is sold out everywhere and my daughter was crying for it. came to this brilliant site and ordered it right away and it shipped immediately!! great company. great service, great products.

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