Cats Vs Pickles - Bundle of 10 Random (Includes 9 Cats & 1 Pickle)

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Cats Vs Pickles™ (Bundle of 12 Random - Includes 9 Cats and 1 Pickle) are super fun plush collectible toys. (Pickles are included when you purchase listings for bundles that include 6 or more. Pickles are not sold individually)

Cats are scared of pickles, but pickles just want love.  Welcome to the world of Cats vs Pickles™ where lovable but misunderstood pickles are in hopeless pursuit of colorful cats. Pickles love all the cats! Musical cats, food cats, cool cats, dressed up cats, cats with glasses, cats with class, and cats for school. Cats vs Pickles are silly and soft and so fun to collect! Which are you? Team Cat or Team Pickle?

Adorable plush characters made of premium soft plush and filled with special beans.
Each character has a special name tag with their name and bio, along with a QR code for a free Cats vs. Pickles game download.

There are 44 Cat characters to collect and 4 Pickles in Wave 1!

Customer Reviews

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Love these little characters just as much as my two grandsons do. I first bought 1
for my 5 yr old then the 7 yr old wanted
one also. The store was already sold
out (in one day!). That’s why I ordered on-lined. Thank you for your quick response.

cats vs pickles

like the product really quick shipping good tracking

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