World's Smallest Pound Puppy #1 (Beagle with Black and White)



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World's Smallest Pound Puppy #1 (Beagle with Black and White)

These are floppy, squishy, “adoptable” puppies for you to bring home and raise as your own. They are based on the popular toy line first introduced in the 1980s. There are four styles, each with its own “lovable huggable” heart shaped tag. These adorable pets are the smallest Pound Puppies ever offered.

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Customer Reviews

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These are so cute!

This was very cute. I used these "World's Smallest" toys as grab bag gifts for my family at Christmas. Everyone loved them. Not sure who got this one, but they gave it to my tiny Pomeranian puppy to play with.


great item, great price, fast shipping, overall A+++ experience 😊 glad to have found this shop... it's hard to find the World's Smallest products on my list locally.

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