Dogs vs Squirls - Linda #010 (Soft Plush - Series 1)

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Dogs vs Squirls  - Linda #010 (Soft Plush - Series 1)

Dogs vs Squirls 4 Inch Plush Linda- Proud member of the park watch. Keeps detailed account of all suspicious activity. Has police on speed dial.

The poor Dogs must defend against the Squirls and prevent them from chewing on wiring, infiltrating the garden, or pelting acorns. And the relentless Squirls will do anything to get past the Dogs! Who will win?

The Dogs. These adorable pups come in an assortment of different breeds, but all have their own personality traits and issues. Sometimes their issues even have issues. But no matter what, their main job is to guard their house against intruders.

The Squirls. They may look all innocent with their fluffy tails, but don’t be fooled! These mischievous marauders cause mayhem wherever they go. And their one mission in life is to destroy the very same houses that the dogs are trying to defend!

  • Each surprise Mystery Bag has 1 dog or 1 squirl plush toy inside! 
  • 4 Inch Plush
  • 12 Pieces in Display
  • Ages 4+

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Smaller than I thought. Beautiful product though

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