L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Swag Fashion Doll with 20 Surprises (LOL OMG)

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  • Unbox 20 surprises with L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. fashion doll, Swag, with stunning features and beautiful hair.
  • Swag is the big sister to fan favorite L.O.L. Surprise! character, M.C. Swag.
  • Dress Swag in her fierce fashions and fabulous accessories.
  • Package becomes reusable dressing room playset for Swag to strut her stuff.
  • Includes fashion doll, fashions, shoes, shoebox, accessories, hat box, purse, hair brush, garment bags, doll stand and reusable package playset in an all new unboxing experience.
  • Collect all 4 L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. fashion dolls.

Customer Reviews

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Very pleased

Ordered and received in a timely fashion I am very pleased with my purchase.

O.M.G LOL Swag Doll Saviour

Went all to very retail stores to find the doll and wasn't able to find and was all sold out. Searched online and knick Knack came up with others like Amazon, eBay, etc. Plus they very a bit over priced cause it was on that high demand that kids wanted. Plus shipping all that was included was gonna spend as much as buying two dolls really and also delivery on it was gonna be longer then expected. We needed another route and then here's knick knack toy shack made it all happened. They had plenty in stock and reasonable price with shipping and all. Placed the order and after when they shipped the doll they gave updates thru it all, didn't really take long before it arrived in the mail to the house. Nicely boxed and no damages. All good vibes. Thanks knick knack toy shack for the great services.

O.M.G L.O.L Dolls

The doll came in a reasonable time and packaged well. No complaints.

Quality Seller

The doll came in a reasonable time and packaged well. No complaints at all.

One Extremely Satisfied "Will Return" Customer

This was my first time purchasing from Knick Knack and it was as smooth of a purchase as if I had went to the store and picked it up myself. I was kept informed during the entire process, the packaging was done to where no damage could occur to my purchased product, the service was prompt and efficient and the doll was just as described. I had tried ordering this same doll thru Amazon since August 2 and the date for shipment kept getting pushed back until now delivery was to be on December 23 before 10:00 PM. I'm sorry but when it comes to the only thing my granddaughter wants for Christmas this was not acceptable. Thank You. Thank You Knick Knack for the exceptional service you provided. You made me happy, my Granddaughter will be happy and you saved my Christmas for her. I will be back. You out-performed Amazon 200% and they say they are the best---Ha.

thank you very much. we strive everyday to do our best to make all our customers happy.

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