LOL L.O.L. Surprise! Supreme Bffs Limited Edition 2 Pack

Knick Knack Toy Shack


  • Includes 2 limited edition L.O.L. Surprise! dolls – Leather & Lace.
  • Each doll has 7 surprises: (1) exclusive secret message, (2) exclusive BFF sticker, (3) bottle, (4) shoes, (5) fashion, (6) accessory and (7) limited edition L.O.L. Surprise doll.
  • Add water for a color change surprise!
  • Sparkly pearl and glitter finishes
  • Limited edition, sparkly L.O.L. Surprise! balls become carrying case, display, or Playset.

These are sold as sealed products and received as sealed products and we are not responsible for manufacturer defects with these products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best price for LOL Surprise Supreme BFFs

I bought these for a niece's birthday present. Knick Knack Toy Shack had the best price for this if you don't count buying used on eBay which for a gift, is not an option. Shipping charges were very reasonable and it shipped quicker than I expected. So the gift arrived early which I so appreciate!


My daughter loves this set! Fast shipping!

VERY HAPPY, that you deliver your items all the way to The Netherlands❣I'D BUY AGAIN 🤗

My daughter (and I 😳) are real L.O.L. FANS (😅), so I was excited finding them online to buy. That was before multiple dissappointments occurred; some wouldn't ship worldwide and then I found one that would deliver to The Netherlands, but then they only allowed credit card payment (‼😥) while I only can do banktransfer, IDEAL or PayPal.. So your store polecy(?!) was MY DREAM come true 🥰 !! THANKS to YOU we are the LUCKY OWNERS of these rare, limited edition 🤩ultra cute WEDDING DOLLS 💖. I have to be fair, ☝️they costed me a ribbon from my backbone (😆I probably got that saying wrong), but they were $50,- plus $25 - for shipping, so $75,- total.. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE NEGATIV ABOUT IT, it is the brand L.O.L. that has done poor on quality control, to allow their bride Lace to have AN UNEVEN PAIR OF LEGS (😱!😓!😭!)... It is really a shame that she can't stand upright on her own 😥 and we are only dissappointed in L.O.L. for this, because it's sad to see that it affects the fun in the child's play.. But IF you'd put her feet stuck on a (wedding) cake, she's REALLY ADORABLE with her HANDSOME GROOM 🤗💕💎



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