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Find us Scruffy, Make us Fluffy! (Lilac) - 

Scruff A Luv's are so adorable and I know that you will cherish them! Let me tell you more about them.

Scruff A Luv's are pets in need of your help! They are abandoned pets that arrive as a sad ball of matted fur & the first step, after getting your new Scruff A Luv is to give them a nice warm water bath. Once you bath them you will discover what kind of pet they really are! Who will you rescue? A Puppy, a Kitten or a Bunny? Only by saving a Scruff-a-Luv you will find out.

During the Bath your Scruff A Luv will expand into the most adorable pet with beautiful eyes, soft fur, a shiny nose and cute paws. After their bath wrap them in a towel to make them feel snug, warm and loved. Next give them a brush to comb their hair and put on their collar.

Finally give your Scruff A Luv a name, fill out the adoption certificate and welcome your Scruff A Luv into your family.

In return for adopting a Scruff A Luv they will be your FFF - Furry Friend Forever!

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Awesome Product and GREAT Service!

Very happy with purchase- too adorable for words and exactly what I was looking for! Plus, Knick Knack Toy Shack provides the best customer service and is a trustworthy source for genuine, quality products.

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