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Treasure X (Mystery Box)

X marks the spot! Will you find REAL GOLD dipped treasure?
Collect all 24 Action Figures! 10 LEVELS OF ADVENTURE!
1) Find the Map 2) Rip the Gold Layer 3) Use the coin on your quest. 4) Uncover the digging tool, 5) Dig and chip the rock 6) Discover bones and weapons 7) Build your Treasure Hunter 8) Find the Treasure Chest 9) Add water to fizz, 10) Reveal your Treasure!
Hunt for your buried goodies using the included plastic X-cavator to chisel away at the soft rock of the brick. Even after excavation, the discovery isn't over; snap together the pieces of your figure to reveal its themed character and add water to the chest to trigger a fizzy reaction to find out if you got gold-dipped booty.
Includes brick, skeleton figure, treasure chest with treasure, plastic X-Cavator digging tool, plastic coin, and a treasure map.

Customer Reviews

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A nice little interactive toy for the young archeologist

Pretty well conceptualized toy. The map, the pirate, the treasure chest, the treasure. The "dig" itself is fun; a little messy - but that's ok. One minor complaint: For the sake of cleanliness, I guess, some of the pieces came wrapped in clear plastic. Kinda undermines the "dig" and discovery aspect. My grandson is 4 and maybe it would have been slightly better if he was at least 5. But I bought 4 more Treasure Mystery Boxes, so I guess we liked it!

Son loved it!

Clever toy that my son and I enjoyed together.

Did not disappoint

5 year old grandson LOVED this! Ran across this toy while watching YouTube for Kids.

Excellent dig

My six year grandson loved them. It was fun watching him dig the pirate and treasure out of the sand.


My 6 year old saw a commercial for these and had to have them. We really enjoyed “digging” in the sand to discover the pirate and treasure! Even though what you get is random and you can’t guarantee what it will be, it was nice when we figured out that you can get the same pirate with a different treasure. These made my son’s day!

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