How a Diverse Collection of Toy Types Can Spark Your Child's Creativity

As an adult, seeing an old toy we played with as a kid is a powerful way to kick our memories into high gear. We’re transported back to the good ol’ days, when we played without a care in the world.

Think of how powerful the imagination of a child must be: to be able to play with a toy and remember it so vividly decades later. The act of play has a tremendous effect on children. And the whole time they play, kids are developing motor skills, problem-solving, and creativity.

Having a diverse toy collection is a great way to introduce your child to a number of skills that will help them later in life. Learn more about the research that shows it, and see the best types of toys to spark your child’s creativity for life.

The Science Behind Toys And Development

In the early 1900s, psychologist Lev Vygotsky studied the connection between cognitive development and creativity, concluding that “the actual emotional roots of the child’s imagination are as strong as those of an adult.” One of the ideas this conclusion brings to light is that, while imagination affects both children and adults on an emotional level, children don’t as readily differentiate between their imagined world and reality. It is for this reason that playtime must be handled with extra care, as to respect the world that a child creates for themselves.

Having different types of toys to bounce between different mental spaces may create a sense of control and safety for children because they have the choice of which world to play in.

Challenge Your Child’s Creativity to Grow

One benefit of a collection of diverse toys is how each activity challenges the child. Few parents may see the benefit of their child playing with slime, but in reality, the child is conducting a science experiment between the squishy goo and their senses. Role-playing games involving costumes or missions allow children to see the world from another perspective. And of course, building blocks help children understand the basics of construction while allowing them to create a tower from their own imagination.


The Creative Social Benefits

There are plenty of advantages that come from fostering a creative environment for children, without immediately creating a daydreamer in class. Independent games like the classic Rubik’s Cube help children foster a skill set early on in their childhood which can benefit them in the future.

On the flip side, for children involved in group work, exercising unique problem-solving methods may come more naturally to those experienced with puzzle-type toys. In either case, the ability to select one’s own path and break from the norm is a clear benefit from playing with diverse toys. 

Toys To Add To The Collection

Allowing children to explore their creativity through many types of toys will help them form their own personality. Playtime is a great time for self-expression. For example, if your child wants to cast a spell using their Harry Potter wand, they can identify with other kids who love the world of magic as well.

The same goes for classic Pokemon collectibles, which allow for friends to trade an associate with their favorites. In any case, making your home a haven for creative experiments is a worthwhile goal, and the more diverse toys are, the better.

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