Squeezamals Blind Box

Squeezamals Blind Box

Squeezamals / Squishamals - Blind Box - Holiday Collection

There are 12 possibleSqueezamals / Squishamals in the blind boxes:

1) Niko Narwhal 2) Shiela Sheep 3) Phoebe Pig 4) Hailee Hedgehog

5) Sammy Sloth 6) Clover Catacorn 7) Liz Ladybug 8) Candice Unicorn

9) Macie Monkey 10) Gwen Bunny 11) Preston Penguin 12) Zik Zebra

The special Holiday collection of Squeezamals / Squishamals Blind Boxes are Super Squishy Foamed Stuffed Animals! They have the softest plush and when you squeeze them down you can watch them form back to life! They are Squishy, Squeezable, Cute, Soft, & Adorable! Collect all the Squeezamals / Squishamals holiday collection blind boxes!

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