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Shimmeez - Oliver the Owl (Large 8")Shimmeez full set
Shimmeez - Arlo the Narwhal (Large 8")Shimmeez full set
Shimmeez - Benji the Bear (X-Large 14") BlueShimmeez - Benji the Bear (X-Large 14") Pink
Shimmeez Lainey the Lamb (Large 8")Shimmeez full case 8"
Shimmeez - Delilah the Dog (Clip on)Shimmeez - Delilah the Dog (Clip on)
Shimmeez - Cristy the Cat (Clip on)Shimmeez - Cristy the Cat (Clip on)
Shimmeez - Yellow Chick (Clip on)Shimmeez - Yellow Chick (Clip on)
Shimmeez - Yellow Chick (Clip on)
Sale price$7.99
Shimmeez - Lainey the Lamb (Clip on)Shimmeez - Lainey the Lamb (Clip on)
Shimmeez - Ladybug (Clip on)Shimmeez - Ladybug (Clip on)
Shimmeez - Ladybug (Clip on)
Sale price$7.99
Shimmeez - Benji the Bear (Clip on)Shimmeez - Benji the Bear (Clip on)
Shimmeez - Chico Chick (Large 8")
Shimmeez - Chico Chick (Large 8")
Sale price$14.99
Shimmeez - Polly the Pig (Clip on)Shimmeez - Polly the Pig (Clip on)