Hilary ordinary mom knick knack toy shackMy name is Hilary and this is my story of how I went from being an ordinary mom to an extraordinary hero.  

It all started just like any other day a few years ago.  I was spending time with my beautiful niece Avery and she kept wanting to play with this toy called Shopkins.


My son Zachary joined us and loved Avery’s Shopkins.

The whole ride home, Zachary begged me to get him Shopkins. He wore me down and I ordered him some online. When the Shopkins arrived, I fell in love with them and started collecting them along with Zachary.  I joined Facebook groups about Shopkins and became friends with other people that also loved Shopkins. 

 My collection of Shopkins started growing and growing and growing and I began trading them. I was totally addicted to these cute little things. So, I decided to start selling my duplicates online at places such as Facebook, eBay and through local ads on Craigslist. This led me to collecting other toys.

And suddenly, like a bolt of lightning surging through my body, I had a revelation.

As a child some of my favorite memories were going to the toy store with my parents.  By the time I was a teenager I had a collection of over 200 beanie babies. During college while babysitting, for my niece and nephew, I absolutely loved taking them toy shopping. Even while being artistic I made pictures of toys. I croched a picture of Winnie the pooh over 20 years ago that I still have hanging on my wall to this day.

My revelation was that my true passion was toys and making people happy!

All of my thoughts about toys, throughout my entire life, had become a thing and that's the moment the Knick Knack Toy Shack was born and I became a Hero. Super Hilary Knick Knack Toy ShackNow I ship toys all over the globe and fight my enemies such as Mr. Electronic Device Man, Sir. Sadness and Madame Stopkidsfromsleeping. My weapons are Love, Smiles and Happiness!

For example, just the other day I sprayed hearts to cut the plug on one of Mr. Electronic Device Man’s robots and freed a glued child.

I’m supported by my Heroic helpers. Heroic Helpers Knick Knack Toy Shack

Toys make us smile and feel happy and we want to make others smile and feel happy too.

The Knick Knack Toy Shack ® is my passion and it’s full of fun collectible toys for all ages that include Shopkins, Tsum Tsums, L.O.L Surprise, World's Smallest Toys, Squeezamals, and so much more. We add new toys all the time and ship all over the world.

I hope you enjoy browsing the website and that the toys make you feel like a kid again. Toys make you Smile. So, Smile more. Smiling can make you and others Happy!

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