About Us

My name is Hilary and I’m the captain of the Knick Knack Toy Shack. 

But how did I get here?

A few years ago I was visiting my sister at her house playing with my niece Avery. We were playing with her toys and she kept wanting to play with something called Shopkins. 

My son Zachary came over to play with us and he loved Avery’s Shopkins. He thought they were so cute.

During the whole ride home, Zachary begged me to get him his own Shopkins. He wore me down and when we got home I ordered him some online. When Zachary’s Shopkins arrived I fell in love with them too and started to collect them along with Zachary.  This was all the way back in Season 2.  I joined Facebook groups about Shopkins and started to make friends with other people that also loved Shopkins. 

Eventually, my collection of Shopkins became so large that I started trading them. I met people from all over the world such as Texas, Hawaii, South Carolina and I even traded Shopkins internationally. 

My collection of Shopkins kept growing and growing and growing. I was totally addicted to these cute little things. I decided to start selling my duplicates on online at places such as Facebook, eBay and through local ads on Craigslist.

This led to me collecting other toys such as Tsum Tsum's, Minions and more. I developed such a passion for toys that I decided to start a website called The Knick Knack Toy Shack.  

This website is my passion and is full of fun collectible toys for all ages that include Shopkins, Tsum Tsums, LOL Dolls, World's Smallest Toys, Mineez & more. We add new toys all the time and ship all over the world.

I hope you enjoy browsing the website and that the toys make you feel like a kid again.

Thanks for visiting and I'd love to hear from you so reach out and click here to send a message.

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