Floops - Reversible Dolls that fit on your finger

Floops - Reversible Dolls that fit on your finger

Floops are your new slippery, flippery, forever looping friend! Our sparkly Floops come with two characters in one! Slip to reveal a silly, wacky character on one side and flip for a sweet cuddly friend on the floopside! Double the floops and double the fun!

Two Characters In One. Every Floop toy comes as two different characters. Just flip the Floop to reveal the other animal! You Can't Put Floops Down: Floops are so fun to flip! Your child will continually play with their Floop, as it is so tactile and interactive. Don't be surprised if a Floop ends up on your desk a stress reliever!

High-Quality Safe Materials. Rest assured all Beverly Hills Teddy Bear products are manufactured and tested to the highest standard. Floops have plush skin, and the insides are filled with water. Two animal characters in one! 5 Floops characters to collect. Embroidered plush.

Characters to Collect:

  • Cat and Dragon
  • Raccoon and Unicorn
  • Seal and Jackalope
  • Dog and Yeti

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