Cabbage Patch Kids Rainbow Garden Cala Kitty 9-Inch Plush

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Cabbage Patch Kids Rainbow Garden Cala Kitty 9-Inch Plush (1 cabbage patch kid) (chest colors vary)

The all-new Cabbage Patch Kids Rainbow Garden Party Cuties need your love and care!

These fun Cuties come in bright colors and feature a soft snuggly onesie with removable hood. Each 9-inch Cutie is also named and numbered for collectability!

Take the Oath of Adoption today and become a part of the Cabbage Patch Kids family!  

  • All cabbage patch kids are named and numbered for collectability.
  • Various styles include a thumb sucking feature.
  • Each comes with a removable hood.
  • 9-inch soft cuddly body with traditional baby powder scent!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Reasonably priced, cute doll

I got this cute cabbage patch doll to give to my daughter for her birthday.
I was pleased with the price and the quick delivery.

Cutest collection.

I am collecting the 6 dolls in the Rainbow Garden collection, and it's totally worth it. Not to pricey and my granddaughter love them.


Not only is she super cute but also a great choice for sensory memory in brining a child comfort. She smells ao good! My daughter loves her so much named her "Rainbow Pinky Cloud" :)

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