Real Littles Journals Series 7 - random or choose favorite (Damaged Packaging)

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Real Littles Journals Series 7 now have secret surprises! (Damaged Packaging)

(This item was returned to us with Damaged Packaging.  The item is in good condition but the packaging is damaged)

On each Journal cover, look for the secret: Is it a stationery or a cosmetic surprise? Each adorable designer Journal comes with a Lock and Key. When kids open up their Real Littles Journal, they will discover other micro surprises hiding inside! Wow! These surprises are so tiny and really work! Each Journal has 3 surprises that match the Journal's theme! There is plenty of room so kids can write their own special secrets with 50 printed pages inside! There are 6 themes to collect: Princess, Unicorn, Bunny, Boba Bear, Avocado, Popsi-cool. Collect them all!

Real Littles are "Things You Love Made Micro"!

  • 1 x Toy Journal
  • 3 x Surprise Toy Accessories

Customer Reviews

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After waiting additional shipping time to receive my order, I received "a" unicorn notebook, just not the unicorn notebook I ordered. It was still cute though (not as cute as the one I had picked out, plus I'm pretty sure the one I received was listed as cheaper since it was an older series, but I did not receive the difference in price), and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of returning just before Christmas, so I kept it.

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