World's Smallest Shop Vac (by Westminter) Colors Vary

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Worlds Smallest Shop Vac (Colors Vary) (by Westminster) (USB Powered)

USB powered, shop vac makes cleaning up small messes fun!

Comes with a hose, and a super long USB power cord. Attach the hose to the front nozzle on the shop vac before use. Remove lid to empty debris. To empty, snap lid locks open and remove the top lid. Replace lid and snap closed once empty.

Strong suction power. 

Small Stuff, Big Fun!

Not for children under 3 years

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Helen Stevens
Great stuff

I really enjoy all my items, shop vac works great, etch a sketch is awesome, my Mr potato head is so cool, I like how the magic 8ball really works and my glow worm is the excatly like the big one I got in the 90's

Alisha Bowling
Looks cute, but doesn't really perform

I bought this hoping to use it to clean up crumbs and bits of dust on and around my keyboard and it makes a ton of noise... and that's it. I guess I got sucked in by the description 😕

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