World's Smallest GI Joe vs Cobra - Snake Eyes

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World’s Smallest GI Joe vs. Cobra Micro Action Figures

Pop culture icon and American hero GI Joe battles it out against the nemesis Cobra Organization, in micro size!  Now available in the world’s smallest size ever, measuring only 1.25 inches tall, each Micro Action Figure has three points of articulation, and includes a replica of the original action figure blister card, for display and storage, display stand and accessories.  Collect all three original, retro styles – Duke, RoadBlock and the evil Snake Eyes.

Ages 6+

GI Joe

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Not entirely satisfied

Ok so i placed an order while the item was listed as in stock. I waited a few days to check the tracking but I couldn't see where it was in transit. I had to contact Knick knacks for an update. Apparently the item sold out and they are waiting for a restock. First mistake was not contacting me immediately with an update. Second was selling me an item that isn't in stock.


Great vintage reproduction of my original 1980s GI Joes. I’ll admit I left these in the package to display only but they look great!!

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